sleep ~ food ~ exercise ~ relaxation ~ nature ~ magnetism ~ sunlight ~ home harmonising

There are three key things which health experts say contribute to us staying healthy – these are good nutrition, regular exercise and good quality sleep. Most people know about the first two but very few people recognize how much sleep can contribute to our wellbeing. In fact, of the three it is undoubtedly the most important. Sleep is a great healer yet research indicates that 50 per cent of people sleep so little or so badly that it adversely affects their health. What is more, many people do not realize that there is a problem with the quality and quantity of their sleep.

A lack of good sleep is a major source of stress in itself, because when we are asleep the body processes many of the stresses that we experience during the day. So deep, healing sleep is what we all need every night to stay healthy. Sleep is not a luxury but a necessity to keep us going. Not having enough good sleep actually holds the power to kill. Research carried out by William Dement in his book, The Promise of Sleep, indicates that 110 million Americans sleep badly and it is estimated that between 10-30 per cent of people in Britain also experience sleep problems. There are many reasons why we do not sleep well. Firstly, our minds are still too occupied with worries and anxieties because we do not know how to let go; secondly, our bodies remain too tense because of lack of exercise and use of relaxation techniques in our daily routine; and thirdly, because we do not make good sleep a priority, we do not create rooms which effectively support sleep.

Sleep is not simply a state of bodily rest, as the brain is more active then than it is during the day. It releases combinations of hormones that stimulate cell activity, particularly growth hormones in young children. Many electrical changes occur in the brain as it sends out messages to the body to organize repair and renewal. Thoughts and ideas from the day are processed, our memory and learning abilities are optimized, and dreams, which play a central role in the lives of traditional peoples, can give us messages and guidance from our spiritual nature.

There are different stages of sleep, and it is the fifth stage, REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, which is most important. This is when the brain is as active as if it were awake but paralyses the body to keep it still. Any muscle tension disappears at this stage and the sleeper becomes deeply relaxed. The brain values REM sleep more highly than non-REM sleep and it seems to be more important for the body’s healing process. REM sleep does not happen immediately but generally follows an hour of non-REM sleep. If you wake up in the night worrying, or suffering discomfort, cold or needing to go to the toilet, you may ultimately end up getting your eight hours of sleep, but the quality will be impaired as the brain will miss some of its valued REM sleep.

Some Tips for how to sleep well

. Avoid all stimulants late at night. This includes sugary foods and caffeine drinks such as coffee, tea, cocoa and colas.

. Get rid of busy thoughts by making a list of everything you have to do the next day and note the issues to be resolved, then let them go. Your mind can release it to your powerful subconscious to work on while you sleep.

. Meditate for 10 minutes. If you don’t have a quiet area, just sit upright in bed. Breathe deeply and easily to release thoughts from your mind. Connecting with your inner spiritual self will help you to de-stress.

. A brisk evening walk can help to induce sleep, particularly if you spend most of the day sitting or are inactive.

. Keep away from strong lighting in the evening as this can block the body’s ability to manufacture melatonin, the sleep-inducing hormone.

. Herbs such as lavender are relaxing and can help to make you feel sleepy. Use a few drops of lavender oil in water in an aromatherapy candle burner to fill the air with its relaxing aroma. Alternatively place a couple of drops of lavender oil on the side of your pillow or on a handkerchief.

. Try a mattress with magnets, which create an energy field around you similar to that of the earth’s magnetic field. This can help to deepen sleep and improve its quality as we become reconnected with the natural energy of the earth.

. Change to an orthopaedic shaped pillow to support your neck, particularly if you snore.

(Extracted from The Healthy Home book)

sleep ~ food ~ exercise ~ relaxation ~ nature ~ magnetism ~ sunlight ~ home harmonising

Food as de-stressor
Some types of food can actually harm us, but others have the ability to heal as well. If we can harness this capacity, then we can begin to restore the balance of our body, mind, emotions and spirit. Food can make a very important contribution to our good health. We are in control of what we eat, and how often so there is a great deal that we can do for ourselves to reduce the effect of stress. We can learn to interpret better what our body really needs and give it the right fuel so that we are not wasting energy by making it work hard on foods that are doing us harm. Choosing the right food can give us a powerful medicine that we can use to help get rid of some of the toxins that we are carrying. When we eat foods that really are life-enhancing, we feel happy, our minds are clearer, and uncomfortable symptoms start to leave us. It can help us get rid of our stress.

Healthy eating guidelines

Start to make changes to your diet now, but do it gradually. Introduce new things, such as whole-grains, to your current diet, rather than remove everything that you feel is unhealthy all at once. You will gradually lose your taste for the more harmful foods as you start to eat more natural wholefoods. Start with a new breakfast of organic wholegrains and try adding some miso soup. Include more wholefoods in your diet and eat more complex carbohydrates such as brown rice, oats (porridge and muesli), wholemeal bread and pasta.

Ten Tips for de-stressing with food

Eat with the seasons – avoid cold and iced foods in winter

Eat natural and fresh foods – buy organic food that originate from crops that have been grown without harmful chemicals

Get more protein from vegetables – vegetarians have the lowest coronary disease and outlive meat eaters by an average of six years

Change the balance of your diet – Aim to get 50-60 per cent of carbohydrate intake from grains, 20-25 per cent from vegetables, 5-10 per cent from fruit and the rest from unsaturated fats, seeds and proteins from beans, pulses and tofu

Replace the caffeine fix – try different herbal teas, ginger tea, fresh water and roasted grain coffee

Try to eat earlier – your digestive system does not like to do overtime much after 8pm

Take time to chew more – eat slowly and get more nourishment from the food that you do eat

Appreciate your food – slow and relaxed eating helps you digest more easily

Fast to detox the system – let your insides have a day off just like you take time off from work

Bring more balance into your diet – eat more whole food and feel more whole.

Food CAN heal

After the atomic bomb was dropped on Nagasaki in 1945, both staff and patients at the hospital, just one mile from the centre of the bomb, contracted radiation sickness. The director, Dr Akizuki, decided to feed everyone on a strict macrobiotic diet of brown rice, miso, wakame seaweed and tamari soy sauce soup, with no sugar, and everyone survived, in contrast to others in the city who had developed radiation sickness. Miso, seaweed and tofu are good for cleansing pollutants out of your blood. Seaweed, in particular, has the ability to crystallize radiation toxins, making it possible for the body to expel them easily.

(Extracts from The Healthy Home book)

sleep ~ food ~ exercise ~ relaxation ~ nature ~ magnetism ~ sunlight ~ home harmonising

Regular exercise is one of the most important factors in maintaining a healthy body. And the less we take the more it affects our bodies. It has been found that people who do not exercise regularly are more likely to die from heart disease, for example.

A distinction also needs to be made between health and fitness. The people who put regular effort into becoming physically fit by working out at the gym or taking an active role in competitive sports (even professionally) can still suffer poor health from the effects of an inadequate diet, environmental and chemical pollution and exposure to electromagnetic radiations. It is all about good balance.

4 Good Reasons to Exercise

Taking regular exercise can have a great impact on your health, and can literally change your life forever. It reduces the risk of heart disease, helps prevent osteoporosis, strengthens muscles, tendons and ligaments and improves overall body image and self esteem. Here are four life changing secrets about exercise.

1 Exercise is great for weight loss

Exercising is the only really healthy way to lose weight. This is because when you exercise you increase the metabolic rate of your body, increasing the speed at which you burn up energy (calories).

2 Exercise helps stress and boosts physical health

In a sedentary lifestyle, the stress hormone adrenaline builds up inside the body and can cause problems if it is not released. During exercise, adrenaline burns up, making it much easier to relax. People who exercise regularly have more efficient immune systems, so are less likely to become ill. If they do suffer a minor illness they tend to recover more quickly.

3 Exercise makes you feel better and boosts mental health

During a vigorous exercise session your body starts to produce endorphins, the ‘happy hormones’ giving you an uplifting ‘high’ which stays with you for several hours afterwards. Your whole body chemistry changes, giving you a feeling of peace and satisfaction. There is increased vitality and more energy to cope with life. The vigorous oxygenation of the blood that occurs during exercise makes us feel brighter, happier and more charged up and enthusiastic, with a greater mental clarity.

4 Exercise is very effective in removing toxins

Vigorous exercise raises the temperature of the body tissues, warming up the blood, and helping it to circulate more efficiently. The result is that wastes and toxins that are deposited in the cells can be dissolved more easily in the warmer blood and washed away for removal by sweating, exhaling or excretion. For this reason, it is important to drink plenty of spring water during and after exercise. The body is constantly working to eliminate the environmental pollutants that we absorb and eat but if we don’t exercise there comes a point when the body’s normal cleansing system cannot keep up. That toxin build-up is what aging is all about!

(Extracts from The Healthy Home book)

sleep ~ food ~ exercise ~ relaxation ~ nature ~ magnetism ~ sunlight ~ home harmonising

Relaxation can help us to eliminate stress and tension from our mind and body, and it is essential for us to remain healthy. If stress and tension are not dealt with, the body can suffer and physical or mental illness can result. For it is only when our immune system is in a relaxed state that it can work effectively to protect us from disease.

Tips to help release some of the daily stresses:

. If you have a religious belief, evening prayers can help release the day’s concerns. Alternatively, a period of quiet contemplation can have the same effect. Daily meditation can also be beneficial – ideally meditate for 10-30 minutes twice a day.

. Practise qi gong or yoga. The movements train your mind to relax as well as your body. You gain better control of your breathing and they canalso improve mental performance and emotional stability.

. Keep a journal to record and evaluate events in your life. Note down everything for which you feel grateful each day. Then when you are feeling depressed, look at your list.

. Have a special place, just for you, to read or to do whatever relaxing hobby appeals.

. Have a weekly massage or some other kind of complementary therapy such as shiatsu (pressure point massage) or reiki (hands-on healing) to help you de-stress. View it as an important de-stressor rather than a luxury.

. Laugh more – it really is a very positive medicine. It causes muscles to vibrate in places deep inside you that you otherwise would not reach. It is also infectious, so you will encourage other people to feel happy.

. Don’t forget to breathe – practise breathing deeply from the abdomen rather than the upper chest. Sometimes our breathing gets very shallow, so it is not bringing in enough vital oxygen and we become sluggish and less able to cope.

(Extracts from The Healthy Home book)

sleep ~ food ~ exercise ~ relaxation ~ nature ~ magnetism ~ sunlight ~ home harmonising

Being in tune with the natural harmony around us helps bring us into balance. And in nature everything is in perfect balance, every living thing that grows has its own unique place in the ecological system. Vegetables can be cultivated in harmony, with different plants being grown together to naturally divert any harmful pests. The earth is a system of interconnected life forms that all support each other. Witnessing the seasons and experiencing the changes within the animal and plant kingdoms helps us to reaffirm to ourselves the continuity of life. We are reminded that there are times of the day and year when it is more important to be energetic, to be active and to grow, while at other times withdrawal, solitude and rest are more appropriate before the next phase of renewal begins.

Nature is the most natural de-stressor, its smells, sounds, beauty, vibrant life and textures help to calm the mind; its rhythms guide our routines. We can reconnect with the natural world by going outside more; bringing nature closer to us, and also by bringing more nature inside our artificial world.

Tips for using Nature

Go out walking in nature – get in direct contact with the nutrients that are so life enhancing.

Create a garden – bring nature closer to your home by making a garden, a small eco-system of plant, animal and bird life that can become a small microcosm of the planet. Being out in the fresh air and sunlight will be as nourishing as the food you eat.

Bring the natural world inside – using natural colours in decoration, having fresh flowers and plants, choosing natural materials such as woven baskets all connect you with the world outside.

Incorporate water in your interior – a moving water feature or fountain is both life-enhancing and energizing, and helps to ionise the atmosphere making it more relaxing.

Plants are very effective in helping to reduce stress in the home – they cleanse the air and also ensure that we are not the only living things in an indoor, artificial space. Research from NASA discovered that plants have an amazing ability to purify and revitalize air. Dr Wolverton (part of the NASA team) has tested 50 indoor plants for their ability to neutralize different emissions in the air, and for their ease of growth and maintenance. Areca Palm, Lady Palm, Bamboo Palm, Rubber Plant, Dracaena, English Ivy and Dwarf Date Palm are among a number of other plants that have been tested and found to have high ratings for removing formaldehyde emissions from your home.

Aromatic, essential oils from plants – are effective because our sense of smell is powerful and linked directly to the limbic system of the brain which controls our moods and can create an almost immediate emotional response.

Earth crystals have very powerful properties – so it helps to understand a bit about them before you fill your home with them. Rose quartz and selenite help with harmonizing geopathic stress.

A breath of fresh air – revitalizes and brings in new oxygen.

Seasonal ceremonies – remind us that the elements of nature have always played a huge part in our lives. Observing ceremonies can help connect us to community life and simple rituals like lighting candles can help create a deep sense of calm.

(Extracts from The Healthy Home book)

sleep ~ food ~ exercise ~ relaxation ~ nature ~ magnetism ~ sunlight ~ home harmonising

The Earth’s Energy – Magnetism
The earth is a huge magnet with a massive magnetic field emanating from it. It is this powerful unseen radiation of energy from the earth which is essential to life on the planet. We cannot exist without good earth energies, and our wellbeing and vitality depend on the amount of energy we can produce. Magnetism enables us to cope with the constant environmental damage that we are suffering from chemicals and man-made electromagnetic fields. It also helps to maintain a good supply of oxygen for cells and maintains the right alkaline pH balance.

Every night as we sleep with our bodies lying flat close to the earth, each of our tired cells receives a boost similar to that from a battery charger. The sleep process is designed to restore our immune systems. Our brain acts as a control centre organizing the important repairs that the body needs. But if our brain has distracting interference from other electromagnetic fields, such as those emanating from clock radios, and is not able to communicate properly with the rest of the body, we suffer. These other fields also affect our connection to the earth’s helpful magnetic field.

Unfortunately, we now live in modern urban environments where many homes are constructed from concrete and steel which act as a barrier to the complex and subtle magnetic energies that are naturally absorbed through the earth. We are also constantly assaulted by harmful electromagnetic vibrations. They cannot be seen, but are largely generated by our quest to modernise our lifestyle. The proliferation of state-of-the-art personal communications and television and radio signals means that our bodies have not yet adjusted to all these different radiations.

Before the 1920s when radio transmissions started, people had never experienced the force of artificially created electromagnetic waves on earth. Evidence presented by George Washnis in his book Discovery of Magnetic Health, is now increasingly suggesting that these artificial distortions adversely affect the delicate chemical and electrical balance of our immune systems causing much of our stress, and contributing to cancers and a host of other bodily disorders.

For thousands of years, ancient civilizations recognized the power of magnetism not only to balance the body but to heal it as well. Modern medicine has followed the route of pharmacology with drugs being the first choice to heal different illnesses. However, there is growing evidence that shows that bio-electromagnetic medicine, which includes magnetotherapy, could solve many of the conditions not cured by drugs. Dr William H Philpott is a doctor who has successfully used magnetotherapy for thousands of patients. He was quoted in Discovering of Magnetic Health as saying that magnetism boosts human energy levels, supports the proper functioning of the immune system and in raising alkaline pH levels of bodily fluids, can kill cancer cells.

Magnetism has long been a favoured healing modality in Japan but it was not until the space programmes started in the 1950s that Western countries began to recognize the value and potential of magnetism. The early astronauts returned to earth in physical distress unable to walk and with loss of bone density. Investigations by NASA showed that this was caused by the astronauts being taken out of the influence of the earth’s magnetic field. As soon as the resonance was simulated inside the space capsule, no further health problems were suffered. George Washnis says that an increasing number of researchers now recognize that the way to correct the stress symptoms caused by a deficiency in magnetism is to provide consistent exposure to artificial sources.

Several companies now manufacture products which allow people to reconnect with this essential energy of the earth. Low-gauss magnets in mattresses enable people to benefit fully from the earth’s energy while they sleep, rather than the weak resonance that is normally emitting because of disturbances from EM pollution and modern building materials. Seat covers incorporating magnets support people sitting in the high electromagnetic field that emanates from their cars and computers. Innovative magnetic insoles that people wear in shoes keep people in contact with the earth’s energy all day, even though they are normally indoors in man-made environments.

Magnetic therapy is a treatment using this therapeutic energy. It is simple, non-invasive, has virtually no risks and has a success rate of 70-90 per cent according to the numerous studies quoted by George Washnis.

How magnetism works

Nobody really knows how it works but hundreds of double-blind studies around the world have proved its efficacy. It seems to raise the pH levels in the body and provide a more alkaline environment for cell survival. Cancer cells prefer an acidic environment and cannot survive in an alkaline one. Many of the foods we eat and the stressful way we conduct our lives causes acidity to build up. In particular, our diets have become much more acidic over the last 40 years (see pages 74-77).

Cell activity also seems to be boosted by magnetism. Each cell has an electromagnetic charge, and by applying a magnetic field, you can stimulate the cell’s ability to flush out toxins and absorb more nutrients. Broken bones have been found to heal four times more quickly in a magnetic field.

The Japanese are great advocates of magnetotherapy, 30 million of them use magnetic products and 10 per cent of the population sit or sleep on magnetic pads. There has to be a valuable lesson to be learnt here since the World Health Organization has identified Japan as the healthiest country in the world. In comparison the United States spends $2 trillion annually on healthcare, and yet the WHO only lists them as the 24th healthiest country (Britain is the14th healthiest).

(Extracts from The Healthy Home book)

Tips for Using Magnetism

. Walk on the earth barefoot. This can bring you directly in contact with the earth’s natural magnetic field.

. Boost your energy levels during the day by wearing magnetic insoles.

. Use products that bring the earth’s energy into your home, such as magnetic seats, particularly when exposing yourself to high electromagnetic fields such as those around your computer.

. Investigate magnetic health products that can act as an aid to rebalancing and wellbeing.

. Drink magnetized water by placing a glass on a magnet for an hour.

. Use magnetic laundry balls which change the molecular structure of water in the same way as chemical detergents and eliminate the need for detergents.

. See how you can improve the quality of your sleep by lying on a magnetic mattress pad.

sleep ~ food ~ exercise ~ relaxation ~ nature ~ magnetism ~ sunlight ~ home harmonising

The Sun’s Energy
All life forms depend upon sunlight as it helps to control most of our bodily functions, especially our de-stressing mechanisms, keeping our inner body clock aligned to the earth’s natural daily rhythms. We need the full spectrum of the sun’s radiation for our health, and that includes the infrared waves providing heat, the ultraviolet (UV) wavelengths, and of course the visible light, which contains all the colours of the rainbow.

UV light stimulates blood circulation, lowers blood pressure, increases the metabolism of protein, lessens fatigue, stimulates the production of white blood cells (part of our defence system), helps create endorphins (the ‘happy’ hormones) and assists the assimilation of calcium and the production of vitamin D for healthy bones. Make an effort to get out into daylight everyday.

Far infrared waves (FIR) are also within the natural spectrum of electromagnetic waves generated from the sun. They have a natural resonance with water which makes it easy for us (and all living organisms on the planet) to absorb them. They penetrate deep into our bodies creating a uniform warmth unlike the uneven, intense heat from near infrared waves generated from electric bar fires and cookers. FIR waves are especially good at agitating the water molecules in our bodies, enabling them to release stored toxins. It is these hidden toxins that not only contribute to degenerative illness, but experts now believe are responsible for ageing. FIR waves support the micro-circulatory system reactivating and revitalizing cells and organs, consequently removing wastes more effectively and increasing the metabolic rate (an indicator of good health).

The overall effects of this strengthen the immune system and make a person feel more energetic and full of vitality. If there were some way that we could utilize the FIR radiation from our bodies, then we could not only keep ourselves warm, but also speed up our detoxification. This would mean that we could keep more balanced healthwise, and some experts believe that the aging process could be slowed down.

sleep ~ food ~ exercise ~ relaxation ~ nature ~ magnetism ~ sunlight ~ home harmonising

Home Harmonising
Everything that exists around us consists of vibrating energy, including our homes. While we can revitalize our homes by redecorating or cleaning out physical dust and debris that collect over time, there are occasions when further work is needed to shift the energy of our homes. Psychic cleaning, space clearing or home harmonising are all ways to help us make our homes feel better. You can learn some simple methods to improve your home’s atmosphere.

If you have ever walked into a room where there has been an argument you may recall feeling that you could have ‘cut the atmosphere with a knife’. You cannot see anything, but you can sense what has taken place as there is a definite uncomfortable feeling about the space. You may recall the difference that you can feel before and after a thunderstorm. The distinct tension in the air only starts to lift when the electrical storm begins and the cleansing rain comes. It is this kind of unease that we can experience in the atmosphere or energy of our own homes. If this is not properly dealt with, it can start to drain our own energy levels, eroding our physical and emotional wellbeing.

There are some simple techniques you can use that change the ambience of your home and uplift its energy by changing the vibrations. Harmonising your home helps to get the energy flowing easily and freely through your home, your body and your life, and is the basis of good health and wellbeing.

When to harmonise your home

. Whenever you want to make a fresh start and boost the overall energy.

. When moving from an old home and when settling into a new one.

. When you are trying to sell your property and attract a buyer.

. To improve your luck, attract more money into your life, or draw in a new relationship.

. To cleanse any space where you feel you want to clear out other people’s negative energies, maybe after someone has visited, or even when you are staying in a hotel room.

. Have a ceremony after somebody has been ill for a while or if there has been a death in the family.

. When you cannot get yourself motivated to move forward, or just to cheer yourself up.

You can learn the simple techniques for harmonising your home by following the step-by-step procedure in the Healthy Home book or you can call in an expert to do it for you. With their experience, professional home harmonisers can often reach a deeper level of space clearing than you can by yourself.

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sleep ~ food ~ exercise ~ relaxation ~ nature ~ magnetism ~ sunlight ~ home harmonising

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