Home Harmoniser – Geopathic Stress Harmoniser

Helios3 - Geopathic Stress Neutraliser

Helios3 – Geopathic Stress Neutraliser

Most homes are affected by negative energies which can be electromagnetic radiation from electric equipment and supply lines and Geopathic Stress (GS). GS is a distortion on the natural radiation of electromagnetic energy from the earth caused by underground streams, water pipes, sewers and electricity supplies. If these energies are running in lines in places where you spend the most time like across your bed, dining chairs or desk then they can cause real problems. The Dulwich Health Society, set up to promote information and action on Geopathic Stress, state that GS is always present in homes where the occupants suffer from long-standing illnesses and psychological conditions like cancer, ME, miscarriages, fatigue, learning difficulties and behavioural problems. Feng shui practitioners and space clearing professionals can locate and clear these energies for you but you can harmonise your own home with a Helios 6 device. You simply plug this into an electrical socket to change the frequencies of your home to resonate with the beneficial wavelengths of the earth. You won’t feel anything but immediately you will start to sleep deeper and wake up feeling more refreshed and full of vitality. Your immune system will no longer be suppressed and this will help to improve your condition if you are ill. These devices come in british electrical socket fittings and EU and the US plugs – works worldwide. 

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