A Healthy Home Makeover – Case Study

Healthy Home property sold: In 2004 Gina Lazenby renovated a large property in Airedale which she chose because of its excellent connections to Yorkshire cities of Bradford and Leeds, and the lovely views it had of the valley. The house is deceptively large with 4 bedrooms and 3+ reception rooms and is currently on the market after being rented out for the last 3 years. This house would now suit a large family, maybe one with teenagers as they always need more space! It is also of greater interest to a family who will appreciate living in a healthier home! This was likley the first time anywhere in the UK that such a house was made available for rental. Most healthy makeovers (if any) are done by people for the homes they live in. The house attracted national interest with a big feature in the Sunday Telegraph and ITV’s Calendar News filmed the opening. During the summer of 2004, Gina used the house as a showcase giving healthy talks and tours to many groups of enthusiastic visitors interested in healthy living tips.

What made this renovation unique was the extensive use of natural decorating materials. Gina says, “I did not want to use anything in there that I would not have used in my own home. So we bought natural paints without petrochemicals & solvents; we got colour from natural mineral pigments; the wood treatments were all made from ingredients like sunflower, soya and thistle oils. We also created two rooms with beautifully renovated wood floors so that anyone with asthma would feel the benefit. Clever use of natural daylight bulbs also enabled us to give life to a huge extra room next to the kitchen making it look like it actually had a window. A great deal of care was also taken with the feng shui and energy balancing to make it feel lovely and welcoming. ”

People are changing their diets, paying attention to exercise and are increasingly willing to make lifestyle changes as they become more concerned about their health.“However”, says Gina “few people realise the extent to which their own homes might be causing their health problems or making them worse! It is a very important area to look at and I think it will be the next big thing. In this property I showed some solutions for increasingly common problems like tiredness, sleep problems, behaviour issues with children, tension and irritability, depression, asthma, allergies and other more serious conditions”.
Asthma alone has increased six fold in children in the last 25 years, according to Asthma UK and Allergy UK say that 40% of the UK population are now affected by allergies, with numbers continuing to rise. It is time to take a new look at our homes and reduce any pollutants. Issues addressed in this home, which are on view, include:
natural decorating,
electro-pollution solutions,
natural housekeeping,
energy balancing,
wellness home,
good feng shui
& spiritual nourishment.

Gina has produced a set of tips to help anyone interested in making their home a healthier and more natural place to live, there is also an audio CD of the healthy makeover of this property with Gina detailing practical tips for anyone wanting to start creating a healthier home, this is available to order through this site.

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