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To check availability for your preferred dates then simply send me an email, or give me a quick call on +44 20 7193 2509

We love having visitors – the house absolutely comes alive with people. I love to share the healthy home and let people experience the peaceful atmosphere.

Women’s Wellness Retreats
a new programme for to be announced shortly
The Women’s Wellness Retreat is a long weekend for women making full use of all the facilities in the Healthy Home and the brand new building.
It covers a simple and life-changing programme of practical tips for creating a healthy home with good feng shui and will be a summary of everything I have researched, learned and used myself over the last 15 years. The material is powerful yet really simple to take away and use. We also look at strategies for developing a new life vision and sense of purpose, share simple techniques for getting rid of daily stress and look at anti-aging strategies that really work. Organic vegetarian wholefood and a good dose of fun and laughter will round off the programme. There will be an opportunity for a full guided tour of the property to see at first-hand practical examples of how to build and decorate a healthy home. An absolutely unique setting and programme.

Read these testimonials

From Julie Hamilton: “Your retreat, UUUUMMMMMM, what can I say. It was a life changer. I would say one of THE most powerful event / personal development workshop I have ever attended. Little did I know that within 6 months of me doing the vision exercise you asked us to do, I would be living 90% of it! I think I was in exactly the right place at the right time. I was open to change but the workshop went to quite a deep level and this seems to have accelerated everything for me. In short, the change that I have been looking for for a number of years did in fact happen after being with you in your lovely Yorkshire retreat.”

“The whole thing was fabulous – from the moment I stepped through the door it was warm and inviting.The food was brilliant and all the little details like the handmade welcome cards and flowers made it very special. There was plenty of space which allowed for clarity of thought. I think the best thing was feeling and seeing the feng shui and natural home design in action in your home, it was amazing to live the whole experience. You were lucky to get me out of there, I just didn’t want to go home ” Marilyn Devonish

Kate Hull Rodgers says: “I can whole heartedly recommend the Healthy Home retreat. Not only is the setting in the exquisite Yorkshire Dales, but the Home itself is an inspiration. I came away from the weekend full of possibilities and easy-to-action ideas that I could implement immediately. Gina oozes knowledge and wisdom, the other participants are quickly kindred souls, and the new perspective I gained is profound enough that it has stayed with me since.”

“Gina is an exceptional workshop leader and speaker and is both engaging and entertaining. Her knowledge of her field is superb and she is a true living example of her work. She is an inspiration!” Mirella Rugolotto, Phenomenal Women’s Network