For Feng Shui & HealthyHome Consultations with Gina 

Gina Lazenby uses a range of skills to support you in life transitions and energetic home styling with tips for creating both a healthy home and one with good Feng Shui flow.  Email her via the website for details about a session on Zoom. Call +44 20 7193 2509

So many of you are going through big shifts coping with big changes happening in the world. Your home is the container for your life and sometimes you reach the point where it is hard to accommodate the new life phase that is emerging into the current space and home that you have. What to do?  There is where a consultation will help. With modern technology we now can do so much in a virtual meeting and tour.

Gina can give you some good tips to find more energy, peace or creativity in the space that you have.

Call +44 20 7193 2509 or use the email form below

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